The New "NOVA INTERIORS" Has Arrived

Immersed in tradition and legacy, NOVA Corp, is pleased to announce the arrival and debut of their new Commercial Fit-Out Construction Group: NOVA INTERIORS, headed by Stuart Cosgriff III and Gustave Lauer.

Pulling from their roots of what began the 91-year-old company back in 1926, the new NOVA Interiors group will be exclusively focused on Tri-State Area Office Fit-Out and Interior Construction. Stuart Cosgriff and Gustave Lauer are not only extremely connected throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, but are also proven construction experts whose personalities blend seamlessly with the rest of the NOVA Tribe. They are the character-based individuals who are the perfect fit for heading up the new division and chapter of the NOVA legacy.

“I couldn’t be prouder to go forward with this team and am eager to write a new legacy in construction. We are proud to debut this collection of incredible individuals to now serve our Clients in the best way possible, as one team dedicated to nothing less than total Client satisfaction.” – Edward Stewart, CEO of NOVA Mission Critical

"I couldn't be prouder to go forward with this team and am eager to write a new legacy in construction."

Edward Stewart, CEO, NOVA Mission Critical

About NOVA Interiors

Headquartered in NY, NOVA Interiors is a privately-owned General Contracting/ Construction Management firm solely focused on the commercial interiors and retail markets in the Metropolitan area and surrounding Tri-State Region. NOVA Interiors also provides Pre-Construction planning advisory and Owner’s Representation services.

With an established running start, NOVA Interiors has developed an extensive list of clients and experience in the Tri- State Area. Since its recent inception, the company has delivered over 500,000 sqft of office fit-outs and construction for premier real estate and office management companies. Some of those clients include Equity Office Properties, Sirius XM, Ralph Lauren, Turnbull & Asser, Commerze Bank, and Century 21 to name a few.

Together, Stuart Cosgriff, Director of Construction, and Gustave Lauer, Field Operations Director, bring over 30 years of experience in the New York Interiors construction market. Having already completed an array of high-profile projects for some of the most sought after residential and commercial clients in the Tri-State Area, both have been recognized for their outstanding skills and precision to deliver projects safely, on-time and on budget.

According to Stewart, “Throughout our history, NOVA has proven that its character, its culture, and its dedication to its Clients’ are far more important than simply being a profitable business. We now couple this solid foundation with a renewed vision for the modern future. This is NOVA Interiors. Having a long family relationship with Stu and Gus, I am greatly excited to debut this new company, with these excellent people, within the greatest city in the world. For over 9 decades, the NOVA family name has been built on one principle: total Client satisfaction. Servicing our Clients has always been at the forefront of our company’s mantra. Construction is simply a method of obtaining a goal that lies within a Client’s vision. Understanding the challenges, hurdles and ways of working through these challenges, efficiently, all while ensuring the Client’s vision is preserved and achieved are what makes NOVA Interiors what it is.

Cosgriff couldn’t agree more as he stated, “This business isn’t for everyone. You need to have a passion for it, and find like-minded partners to succeed.  With NOVA Interiors, we have a unique team of individuals with not only impressive experience, but a distinct belief in superior customer service, project execution, and accountability.  We want to offer best in class service to our clientele, I think we have the personnel to accomplish just that.”

Stewart added, “Stu Cosgriff has built an impressive resume of not only great Construction Management projects, but a strong reputation of honesty, integrity, and Client trust in this industry. A rare combination. His name in the NY Metro-area General Contracting world speaks for itself. Gus Lauer has also earned an incredible amount of Client confidence through a long history in construction, his professional approach, his expertise and his dedication to each and every project. When a Client knows these two are involved in a project, they immediately breathe easier. That dedication lies in the very thread of who NOVA is and is our greatest product offering. When professionalism like this joins forces, the sky really is the limit!”

Gerald Nocerra, Managing Partner at Herald Square Properties added further, “Having worked with Stuart Cosgriff on numerous projects over the years, I especially appreciated his commitment to customer service and making sure the job was done right. He is the kind of professional who consistently delivers excellent results through skill, experience and, most importantly, integrity. I am confident that in his newest role at NOVA Interiors, he will continue to meet those standards.”

Source: NOVA Mission Critical


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