First Wave of Sponsors Roll In For The Data Center Austin Conference

The First Annual Data Center Austin Conference (DCAC) has picked up some strong initial support. NOVA Mission Critical and Gensler are proud to announce the first 20 partners to support this event!

​The July 21st, 2015 Austin “Open Panel Only” conference begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM.  In addition to hearing from some of the most influential data center though leaders of our time this event includes an open bar, a catered lunch by the world-renowned Salt Lick BBQ made in Driftwood, TX, and a concert featuring one of Austin’s most popular bands, TBird & The Breaks!

Kirk Offel, the EVP of NOVA Mission Critical, has announced “This conference has really picked up some steam with support from some of the most trusted brands in the industry including:

  • Digital Realty
  • Data Foundry
  • 1547 Critical Systems Realty
  • Stream Data Centers
  • Rosendin Electric
  • Facilities Solutions Group (FSG)
  • Engineered Computer Rooms (ECR)
  • Quality Uptime Services, LLC 
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Cummins Power Systems, LLC
  • Riverside Resources
  • exp. US Services Inc.
  • ID Group
  • LINX
  • Munters
  • PlanNet
  • Ameristar Perimeter Security USA Inc.
  • Brandt Companies, LLC
  • PUE 1.0
  • TrendPoint

A conference with this much momentum is only possible when leading vendors and partners from the industry come together to draw out the industry thought leaders that are driving innovation within the Data Center environment. 

There are several shows that people can attend each year, but this one has only one objective – to be an affordable, progressive event that focuses on the people who deploy capital into building new data centers!”

NOVA and Gensler are not trying to duplicate the worn-out data center conference format we’re familiar with – but instead, they are picking up where many of the other events leave off. 

“There are the traditional conferences that focus only on end users but those conferences strictly prohibit the vendors from hearing what the customers have to say unless the vendor wants to pay an insane amount of money to attend the show.  This makes no sense considering it is “us” – the vendors and partners - that ultimately need to provide the solution for the customer at the end of the day!

These industry events serve as excellent opportunities to learn about where the client is trying to evolve towards but many of the available conferences today make it difficult for the vendors to listen to the real problems direct from the customers themselves.

“We understood that to create a more affordable conference for attendees, we needed sponsors, and regardless of which vendor sells what - we are all in this together.  We needed to identify and recruit fellow vendors and partners of the industry that believed what we believed – to host an event that could actually make a difference by being accessible to all and by providing candid and insightful discussions from the industry thought leaders.”