The First Annual "Data Center Austin Conference": Awesome Venue - New Partners - New Format - Great BBQ - Live Music

The FIRST Data Center Conference at the Austin City Limits Music Hall: Austin - the Live Music Capital of the World!

Hosted in Austin, TX on July 21st 2015 – NOVA Mission Critical and Gensler Announce the 1st Annual “Data Center Austin Conference” or DC/AC at the ACL Moody Theater in Austin, TX.

The “Open Panel ONLY” conference begins at 10am and will have lunch catered by world-renowned Salt Lick BBQ made in Driftwood, Texas.  The show ends at 5pm and is immediately followed by a 2hr concert featuring one of Austin’s most popular bands TBird & The Breaks!

Kirk Offel, the current EVP of NOVA Mission Critical, recently stated, This conference really took shape as a result of random networking event with three friends.  Like many of my friends in this industry I too am a “veteran” of almost every industry data center event we have to offer.  But the one thing I realized is that most of the “real” conversations were happening at the after hour events where people could relax and really open up.  Not just listen to presentations but actually interact in real time without fear of messing up the format of the conference.”

Our industry has several events throughout the year but as Chi Lee of Gensler pointed out – “why should we have to travel from a great city like Austin to visit a less exciting city to see the same speakers that we just saw at the last conference talking about the same thing.”

So Tanya Hamlin of AQUILA Commercial suggested that we pick an “exciting and hip” venue that would create the environment that would allow us to focus more on “who” is talking and “why” they do what they do rather that “what they do.”

NOVA and Gensler are no strangers to the data center environment both having designed and built literally millions of data centers around the world.  Both groups have a tremendous list of contacts that are also in many ways leaders of the industry.

While stating the importance of understanding the differences between Enterprise Data Centers, Wholesale Data Centers, Retail Data Centers and “the cloud” the team that started this Data Center Austin Conference emphasized that, “The solution can’t always be found simply by understanding what others do and how they do it…  People want to understand why their colleagues do what they do – why do they pick certain build locations over others – why do they pick the partners and teams they use – why do they deploy their environment the way they do?”

We are all students of this rapidly emerging and transforming niche industry.  If you aren’t willing to wake up and reinvent yourself on a daily basis you will only fall further behind.

Kirk acknowledges that these events serve as excellent opportunities to learn the “latest and greatest” but he is adamant that it’s just as important to get to know the people on the front lines delivering that technology.

I believe that this industry has some real thought leaders that are helping transform the future of the cloud.  There are some speakers that I really don’t know what they are talking about before I come to listen – I just know that I want to hear about what he is thinking about.  I want to know which of these next generation leaders are going to blaze the path for the next 10-15 years of our industry. 

More information regarding this event can be found by visiting  There are opportunities to speak and sponsor and even tour some of the local leading data centers in town when you attend this event.

The conference begins at 10am and will have lunch catered by world-renowned Salt Lick BBQ from Driftwood, Texas.  The show ends at 5pm and is immediately followed by a 2hr concert featuring one of Austin’s most popular bands!

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